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Artwork Guidelines                                                 
To ensure the proper processing of your order, please note the following simple guidelines for artwork. Please note that we can also directly copy or copy with changes any original sample.

Email or disk

bullet These data transfer methods offer the best representation of your original designs. They also allow our designers the greatest flexibility when manipulating your artwork.
bullet Email offers the fastest service.
bullet Preferred formats include PSD, PDD, EPS, WMF, TIF, GIF, and BMP, although we can read and work with most files.
bullet The name of the image should not include any spaces.
bullet Email to:  
bullet         contact us


bullet All artwork must be at least 200% to 400% of the original size in black and white.
bullet Provide 2 copies: (1) Black line art and (2) Black line art with Pantone colors noted.
bullet Send via fine resolution for best results.
bullet Send to:
bullet         +852 30158616


bullet Send to:
bullet Contact

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