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 Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What info do you need to quote me?

  2. Can you copy my samples exactly?

  3. What are your working Terms?

  4. What are your payment terms?

  5. Can you quote to me including all shipping costs to my port?

  6. Is importing difficult?

  7. What are your quality guarantees?

  8. What is your minimum order?

  9. Why should we use to make our items?

  10. I have never ordered medals or pins before, where do I start?

  11. How long does it take to make An order?

  12. How many electroplating finishes are available for my medal?

  13. How many colors can I use?

  14. Which are the best quality pins?

  15. What kind of pins are the best value?

  16. Can I see a sample of your work?

  17. How and where can I send samples to you?

  18. Privacy guarantee


1.   What info do you need to quote me?

Simply fill out our Quote Request Form and we will have all the information needed to give you an accurate quotation. [Back to top]

2.   Can you copy my samples exactly?

We can accurately duplicate samples that you have, or work from diagrams and instructions. Please see Artwork Guidelines. [Back to top]

3.   What are your working Terms?    

Firstly, and if needed, we will give you free assistance in defining your design in terms of actual design and also the type of item process or finishing to go for depending on such factors as event type, budget, quantity, and schedule. To start this process you will need to fill out a Quote Request. [Back to top]

4.   What are your payment terms?     

For orders under 10000 USD / 5000 GBP we work on 50% deposit payable after approval sample has been confirmed by you, with balance payable after receipt of faxed copy bill of lading. The Original bill of lading will be sent by TNT courier after balance 50% payment is received. For orders greater than 10000 USD/ 5000 GBP We offer 35% deposit.[Back to top]

5.   Can you quote to me including all shipping costs to my port ?     

Yes, we have a fully professional export trade department that can not only arrange all shipping logistics needs but also offer advice and support on your UK import procedure or any other aspects of international trade. [Back to top]

6.   Is importing difficult?

Not at all! It is simply a matter of following a procedure. We are able to advise and assist you all the way through the process if you are importing to the UK for the first time.  Please see UK Import Assistance. [Back to top]

7.   What are your quality guarantees?     

We stand behind our products 100%. All of our items are inspected at five different inspection points during the manufacturing to shipping cycle. If there is any error or defect in the item due to our negligence then it will be replaced free of charge.  [Back to top]

8.   What is your minimum order?     

We have a minimum order of 3000 USD / 2500 GBP. [Back to top  

9.   Why should we use to make our items? 

We offer world quality medals, pins and promotion items at the world's best prices! We have 10 years experience, and that, together with our strong reputation as a reliable supplier to many of the largest companies in the award, advertising, and promotion manufacturing industry means that your order is safe in our hands to be delivered in quality and on time, every time. [Back to top]

10.   I have never ordered Medals or Pins before. Where do I start?  

Simply request a quote and follow the easy to fill out form and we'll do the rest.  [Back to top

11.   How long does it take to make an order? 

Your custom order will normally be ready to ship within about 3-4 weeks after the artwork is approved and deposit received. Please let us know if you require a faster turnaround and we will always try our best. [Back to top

12.  How many electroplating finishes are available for my medal?

There are almost limitless colours and tones that we can achieve when electroplating the medals, but the most popular are gold, silver, bronze, antique gold, antique silver, and antique bronze. Please see Process & Finishing.  [Back to top]

13.   How many colors can I use?

We can make printed pins allowing us to utilize over 16 million colours, similar to photographic quality. For enameling processes, if the medal or pin is stamped out of a sheet of metal then colours can only be inserted where the metal is inverted or concave and the metal walls can hold the colors. These type of items generally have 4 or less colours. [Back to top]

14.   Which are the best quality items?

Cloisonne. They are as fine as pieces of jewelry. Top of the line for high end corporate promotions. [Back to top]

15.   What kind of finishing are the best value?

This will depend somewhat on your design, the number of colours you want, as well as the quality and quantity you are seeking. It's best to submit your design and let us help you select the correct process if you are unsure. [Back to top]

16.   Can I see a sample of your work?

Yes, we can send you an example similar to the style (process) and quality of pin that you are interested in. Samples will be sent on a freight collect basis.  [Back to top]

17.   How and where can I send samples to you?

We recommend that for safety and speed you send all samples to us by a reputable courier such as DHL or UPS etc, you can find our address on the Contact Us page. If you send samples via normal post then they can take up to one month and may not arrive at all due to the poor postal system in China.[Back to top]

18.   Privacy guarantee

No unreadable contract with small print; we share none of your information with any third party without prior permission from you, and will remove your name from our mail book immediately upon your request Period. [Back to top]

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