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Please fill out the quotation request form below as completely as possible, then hit the 'submit' button. Each form submitted is a request for a quote on one item. If you have more than one item then simply hit the 'submit +1' button which will allow you to input more items without being required to input your contact details again.

*Denotes required text

*Please describe your item:


I. Metal products:

Medal Coin Pin Key Chain Divot Tool Bottle Opener Money Clip
Hat Clip Dog Tag Bag Tag Letter Opener Belt Buckle Car Plate Book Mark
Souvenir Trophy Statue Necklace Xmas Charm Photo Frame  

II. None Metal Products:

Soft PVC Embroidery patch Silicon Bracelet Ribbon Finding Packaging
III. Other:

*Please select size of your item:


"        (13mm)

"          (19mm)

1"            (25mm)

1-"      (32mm)

1-"       (38mm)

1-"         (44mm)

2"             (50mm)

2-"       (57mm)

2-"          (63mm)

2-"      (70mm)

3"            (75mm)

3-"       (89mm)

Other:                   (If not round then please enter HxLxW dimensions inches or cm)

For your size comparison:
(sizes are approximate)






Half Dollar      = 1" Quarter = 1"

Penny   = "




*Choose a process type that best describes your design or idea:


If you have artwork we suggest that you upload it to us (you can do this below) so that we may be of assistance in determining the proper pin type based on your artwork.


Die Struck / Stamping - What is this?

Die Struck Soft Enamel - What is this?

Cloisonne   What is this?

Die Cast   What is this?

Die Cast hard enamel   What is this?

Die Struck Chemical Etching- What is this?

Printing - What is this?


I don't know, help me select a process.


*Tell us about your artwork:


Check all that apply

I have drawings or sketches that I can send (please include details of coloration)

I have artwork that I will attach to this request

I have an item to duplicate with changes

I have an item to duplicate without changes

Upload artwork here:

   10 MB Max.
(Click the browse button to locate and attach your artwork)   

If you are faxing or mailing artwork, sketches, or design ideas please print out this form and send it along with your correspondence.


*Please select the quantity you will require:





(Enter the exact quantity you need here)


*When do you need delivery?


If you have a specific deadline let us know. Some types of process take longer to make than others; if you give us your schedule limitations then we can recommend quicker alternatives.

21-28 days (standard production time)

Need pins by (mm/dd/yyyy):          received in my premises.


Additional Comments/Questions: (please advise any target budget)

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