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UK Import Assistance                                                       

Advise regarding the import of large volume orders. Smaller quantity orders can be sent by TNT or DHL and the importation proceedure is handled by the courier.

Don’t worry; it’s a piece of cake!

  In collaboration with our trusted logistics partners in the UK, Seaspace International Forwarders Ltd., we are able to assist you in streamlining the import procedure to minimize both cost, and the need for import experience; we can even help you to arrange inland UK transportation and secure warehousing if required. We have chosen to work with this reputable UK import / freight forwarding agent not only because of their professional efficiency but because of their excellent customer service and support. If it is your first time to import then both and Seaspace will “hold your hand” until the goods are delivered to your door.  

UK Import Fundamentals 

Below please find information for you to consider when importing to the UK  

  1. There is currently no import duty levied on medals* into the UK but VAT is payable by you to the UK authorities at time of import.
  2. Customs clearance and port charges are applicable.
  3. Transportation from the port to your premises needs to be arranged.
  4. Import procedure can be made by your self or handled by a UK import agent for a fee.

Real Case Example 2008 

Below please find the import cost analysis for a small quantity order imported using Seaspace services. Please remember that many of the costs are fixed amounts, so the cost of import per item will decrease as quantity increases.

cost of goods £1526.13 (our price includes delivery to UK port)
+ import duty: 0% £1526.13
+ VAT: 17.5% £1793.20
Customs clearance: £ 45.00
Terminal Handling: £ 35.00
Port Disbursements: £ 49.00
Delivery to Norfolk: £ 65.00
Grand total: £1987.20 (delivered to your door)

To effect your import Seaspace will need from you:

1) Your VAT registration number**

2) Your payment of Import Duty & VAT to UK authorities (directly or via them).

3) The original house bill of lading document*** - provided by us to you. 

* Although there is no import duty for medals, there may be import duty at various rates for some of our other items. A good UK import agent will help determine the best way to classify your items for import in order to minimize the duty you have to pay.

** Regarding your VAT registration number.  If you are a non-VAT registered company/sole proprietor/partnership then you should apply for a Pseudo-Turn (a temporary number), which Seaspace can help with. For individuals rather than companies or organizations, then there's a specific VAT code that can be used for the Customs entry which Seaspace can also help with.

*** The bill of lading is the document that proves the goods have been loaded onto the vessel and is in effect the title deed to the goods (the holder of the original document has primary control over the goods). This document is sent by us to you after the goods have been shipped and upon receipt of the balance payment (please see payment terms in our F.A.Q)

Please note that the above information is an example of an actual case at certain point time, and for your reference only. The accurate import costing for your particular order can only be made after the order and so volume of the order are known along with the shipment schedule.

If you have any further questions then we would very happy to answer them for you. please Email Us.

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